Top 5 Tips for dealing with Exam Stress


Hello my lovelies,

Now that we are approaching the Summer season we have also approached the season for Exams. School for me wasn't particularly a experience that I enjoyed however I thought it would be useful to share with you all my tips for dealing with exam stress. So here are my top 5. 

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1. Study with friends - I found this really useful when I was studying for my exams. If both me and a friend done the same subject we would often study together. It can be really helpful and something a little different to studying on your own. We often wrote questions on cards or just made up questions from books to test each other on. Try not to eat to much pizza and sweets though !

2. Don't sit in your bedroom - At the beginning of my exams I made this mistake but towards the end I realised. Try your hardest to find another room in the house and allocate that for studying. For me I spent a lot of time in my bedroom anyway and I came to realise that I didn't want to study there. Bedrooms should remain a place that is calm and tranquil so try studying in another room in your house. 

3. Reward yourself - With this I mean try not to be too hash. You cannot possible study from 9-5 solidly so allow yourself breaks. I used to study in 2 hour blocks and allow myself half an hour off to either eat or go on social media. Try something that works for you but don't be studying for 10 minutes and having 2 hours off. 

4. Mindmaps are your friend ! - I found that making mind maps or spider diagrams were really helpful. Writing paragraph upon paragraph just did not help me so I found drawing spider diagrams were a helpful way of having the key information I needed to know displayed in a way that was fun. Stick them up on your bedroom wall once you are done and read them everyday until that particular exam. 

5. make things colourful - Use colour on whatever study method works for you. As I said mine was mind maps so I used brightly coloured pens to make it a bit more fun and better to look at. 

So there you have my top 5 study tips. All I would say is exams are such a short period of your life so as much as you may be stressed and worried don't forget to have some fun with it . Good luck to anyone sitting exams this Summer. 

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