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Whilst I was still at school it was a big thing for me trying to find good cosmetics at budget prices. Many years ago I came across Natural Collection a brand that is only sold in boots I'm sure. Even now that I can afford more expensive cosmetics because I have a full time job , I still find myself attracted to this drug store brand and thought today I would share two of my must haves. 

- Natural Collection blushed cheeks in Pink Cloud £1.99 - Ever get that just in from the cold flushed cheek look ? This blush is exactly that colour . Such a pretty natural baby pink and I think it goes well with so many skin tones. It is very pigmented and is rated 5* on the boots website. Go pick this up the next time you are in a boots store or even give it a swatch , I can't wait to try more. 

- Natural Collection moisture shine lipstick in Pink Mallow £1.99 - I can't believe the quality of this for the price. A lot of people do say that the lipstick snaps on them but I have never had this issue. They have a great colour selection in this range but I picked up Pink Mallow quite a while ago now and it's my go to lipstick if I want something moisturising and low maintenance. 

I have also tried bronzers, a mascara that I loved and also concealers. They have fantastic range of products at affordable prices. Let me know your recommendations in the comments. 

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