Summer Bucket List | 10 things I want to achieve this Summer


Hello my lovelies,

A chatty post for you all today. Sometimes I like to just do posts like this and not review products all the time , anyone agree? 

So this morning I was lying in bed thinking about posts I could do this week for you guys and I thought why not share what I would like to do/achieve this summer. Below I am bring you my Summer Bucket List. 

1. Be body confident - I will hold my hands up and say that I do vow I will shape up every year however this year I feel differently. I have been doing my best to cut the rubbish out of my diet and tone up a bit for the Summer. If I stay on the right path I am on at the moment I will hopefully have my ideal summer body. 

2. get a wax - When I go on holiday I always feel like my hair grows back quicker, I think it may have something to do with the heat. This year I have decided that I will bite the bullet and put up with the pain and I am going to get my legs and bikini line waxed before this years summer holiday , wish me luck !

3. do something with my hair - I'm really boring with my hair and always stick to being brunette, I've dabbled with blonde highlights and never kept them. I'm thinking ombre this summer. 

4. watch a sunset - Believe it or not I have never actually saw a sunset. 

5. take loads of photos and make a memory book - I missed out on so many amazing photographic opportunities last Summer of amazing memories I built with friends and family. I will be snap happy this Summer and may even share some with you all . 
6. visit amsderdam - A place I have wanted to visit for a while, we are thinking of going late October for mine and my boyfriends birthdays so let me know if any of you have been to Amsterdam and what  things I should do/visit when I am there. 

7. go to a concert/festival - A recurring feature on my list every year. 

8. go strawberry picking - Another memory I want to have this year. I love strawberries and I think this is such a fun day out. I just have to find a strawberry farm that is close by. 

9. go for a picnic - I used to love doing this with my papa when I was younger. Something I want to do again this Summer with him and other family members. There's nothing better than some sunshine and triangle sandwiches right ? 

10. be more confident in water - I have the biggest fear of water. Even the thought of getting pushed in a pool makes me want to be sick. So this summer I am setting myself the challenge of being a bit more confident in water. 

What things are on your Summer Bucket List ? 

Until Next Time ....

AimeeLouxo .


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