My Top 5 Travel Tips !


As I write this it is less than a week till I jet off on the Annual Summer Holiday. I am super excited ! and carrying on from my other post on my Travel First Aid Kit , I thought it would be fun to share my Top Travel tips with you all. 

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1. Comfort over fashion - This is a mistake I have made many a time. I am not the best travel companion as it is never mind sitting for 4+ hours moaning because my jeans are uncomfortable . Always go comfortable when your flying, if I was confident enough to fly in pyjamas I would. 

2. Stay Organised - I find this very helpful. I'm that person at the airport that takes a massive big bag as a carry on mainly to put all my duty free goodies in , however there's nothing worse than spending 10 minutes looking for that ever important document in the Mary Poppins bag whilst holding up a queue of angry travellers. 

3. Roll your clothes - Such an easy way to save space in your suitcase and have crease free clothes. 

4. Take snacks in your hand luggage - There's nothing worse than spending some of your holiday money on plane food. They are so expensive and you can save yourself money by taking snacks with you. Pack some sweets, maybe a cereal bar and some chewing gum .

5. Take entertainment - This may just apply to me because I am such a bad flyer, I find it a relatively easier flight if I take things to keep me occupied the entire time. I usually pack a book, some magazines, my headphones and phone for music and also this year an adult colouring book. 

Image taken from pintrest 

Don't forget to leave your travel tips in the comments and also tell me where you have travelled or are travelling this Summer. 

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