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Hello my lovelies, 

Today I thought I would start a mini travel series since its less than 2 weeks till I go my annual Summer holiday. 
I am a massive list maker in general but when it comes to holidays I make a list for everything. 
I am going to say it .... I actually don't mind packing. I find it much less stress free if I start around a week before I fly and I have listed everything I am taking therefore trying to avoid over packing too. 

This year the only thing I struggled with was putting together a first aid kit, my worst fear is falling ill on holiday and I want to be prepared for every possible outcome . I could have gone done the easy route and bought a ready made one but lets face it they can be expensive and you always have to add your own medications to it. 

- Plasters & Alcohol pads - I have packed loads of plasters ! waterproof and blister plasters are must haves
- Allergy and Hayfever relief - Neither me or my boyfriend suffer but rather be safe than sorry
- Imodium -  I don't want the poo's to ruin my holiday
- bandage , safety pins and cotton swabs - all essentials
Savlon - A First aid essential, comes in handy for cuts, burns, dry skin all sorts
- Insect repellent & Bite and sting relief - These are in handy spray pens and I don't think they were very expensive
- Nurofen & paracetamol - come in handy for aches and pains
- Ibuprofen & Solpadol - Again good for aches and pains however these were prescribed medications. 

That's everything that I've packed in my Travel First Aid Kit , do comment below if you think I have missed anything or anything else that may be useful. 

Hope you are all having a lovely day 
Until Next Time....

AimeeLou xo  


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